Saturday, October 31, 2009

Red on Fur?

Warm up to this bloody good set of Halloween-appropriate songs from 2009:

The Listing
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll [Check out the sexy music video! Lycanthropy is here to stay]
Tegan and Sara - Hell [Latest single from the new album - T&S at their pop/rock/indie best]
Basement Jaxx - Saga (feat. Santigold) [Santigold is golden on this track as are the Basement Jaxx]
The Bravery - Slow Poison [Upbeat but read those lyrics, they can haunt]
Placebo - Julien [A Halloween junkie reaches Nirvana - Hello Bodhisattva?]
Sha Sha Shakira - She Wolf [She couldn't help herself. We couldn't help ourselves. She's an animal]
Little Boots - New in Town [We were fans before the inclusion in Jennifer's Body - but now all we think of are hot chicks with monster teeth. Happy Halloween]


Lily GAGA said...

Heads will roll should have been on the new moon soundtrack! what's up with that?!

Anonymous said...

new in town was in j's body really? huh. totally agree about placebo ----> junkie reaching nirvana. gooood call ;)