Sunday, November 29, 2009

Heartbeat On The Dancefloor

It's been sometime since we found a Song To Love. Finally, this track came into our lives. Enjoy!

Songs to Know
Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
Delphic - This Momentary

Song To Love
French Horn Rebellion - Up All Night [The Video]

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tryptophan Video Wake-Up!

Wake up out of your food coma with some of these videos. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Music & A Movie

About Sleepwalking Theo:
It's Theodore's (Guy Kent) 23rd birthday, twenty-three long years of monotony. After his involvement in a fatal hit-and-run on the streets of Sacramento, Theo's regret and sorrow aren't the only things that torment his vivid dreams... Also starring Kelly Teacher.

Songs that Remind Us:
Animal Collective - Graze
Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen
Yoko Ono - Everyman...Everywoman
Nine Inch Nails - Closer
Grizzly Bear & Feist - Service Bell

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shoot The Moon

Hitch your wagon to a mellow star with today's abridged version of The Listing. Enjoy these inspired tracks.

The Listing
Noah and The Whale - The First Days of Spring
Marina & the Diamonds - Mowgli's Road [Now this is an awesome video!]
thecocknbullkid - On My Own Again
Gavin Castleton - Coffeelocks
Discovery - Orange

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shades & Diabolical Bells

Can you hear it? The diabolical bells are calling your name! Don't blame us if these new tracks get you in the mood for a lil' somethin'-somethin'! Enjoy!

The Listing
Annie - My Love Is Better [We're getting a 90's/10's mash-up vibe and we like it! Annie is back on top.]
The Bravery - I Am Your Skin [The 2nd release from their Dec. album. Classic Bravery, plays like an old friend.]
White Rabbits - Percussion Gun [Call in the militia! The spellbinding guitar melodies,  courageously persistent drumline, and a good smack on the ass. All in a day's work.]
Vampire Weekend - Cousins [It's no Mansford Roof but after a few listens we were fans and now thoroughly appreciate another smartly crafted song from V.W.]
Puscifer - The Mission (M is for Milla Mix) [This song is what Dadaism would sound like. Odd but oddly enjoyable.]
Dragonette - Stupid Grin [Embracing her electronic roots - a true electronic song with pop-rock lyrics, and by golly, it works! Also check out Liar from the same album 'Fixin to Thrill']

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Defroster

Turn up the heat with these new tracks in today's The Listing.

The Listing
Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes [Snow Patrol goes a little electropop. A very smart move.]
Basement Jaxx (feat. Sam Sparro) - Feeling's Gone [Spacetasia warms up with this song. Sparro & BJ make for a fantastic, gapless collab]
Charlie Winston - Kick the Bucket [For more Charlie Winston, check out "I Book, You Book" and Charlie's MySpace]
Seawolf - The Violet Hour [From the New Moon soundtrack. We swear it's a fantastic single. We swear.]
Vitalic - Poison Lips [The Video says it all - unusually interesting]
Van She - Kelly [A go-to for the past few years. We're shocked a song with such flawless hooks hadn't snagged the U.S.]

And to really warm things up, check out this ridiculously brillant 'Vive la Recession' flask - The New Museum Store

Friday, November 06, 2009


From the South Bay to the Valley
From the Westside to the Eastside
Everybody's very happy
'Cause the sun is shining all the time

After an endless sifting through songs, we've come across a few that all have something to do with or remind us of LA and hopefully are fresh to your ears. Take it easy, pour yourself some pinot, and enjoy!

The Listing
Eagles of Death Metal - Wannabe in LA [the glorious video @ the end of this post]
Jet - She's a Genius [While recording in LA, the band lived in Brentwood and partied hard in Hollywoodland]
Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining [Some country twang about the twats who move to LA]
Gin Wigmore - Oh My [Twenty & in Hollywood]
Ya Boy - We Run LA (ft. Dr. Hollywood) - [We mean... It is catchy though]
Miike Snow - Silvia [Early morning on PCH]
Passion Pit - Little Secrets [...they're everywhere. Welcome to LA]

Paris Deux

A cautionary tale better told en Paris. Today's The Listing has a bite to it, some frost for you.

The Listing

Chasing Jones

Chase & Status. Norah Jones. We know what you're thinking - different genres, voices, aesthetic. But recent events (ie. new singles) show these two acts may just be more closely related than you'd think. While Chase & Status' lyrics on their newest single "End Credits" can be considered an existential outlook on life and our vast minds -their deepest insight, musically speaking, to date- the song's rhythm and calming crawl is very much akin to Jones' newest "Chasing Pirates" -  similarly about how the mind can ponder and sprint sometimes too much for our own good. Wanna know how to stop it? Check out these tracks. It's a complicated match but it'll make sense to your ears.

Enjoy Parts I & II of today's Song to Love.

Song to Love - Part I
Chase & Status - End Credits (Feat. Plan B)

Song to Love - Part II
Norah Jones - Chasing Pirates

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Naughty and the Haughty

Mama and Papa may not like it but we must grow up. Pop! There Goes the Music...

Whether they recharge you, enlarge you, or simply make you want to dance, these following tracks are not for the weak. Regardless, these babies will play like old friends despite their recent debuts. As for today's Song to Love, well, there's nothing not to love. Another solid product of flawless sheen from Miami Horror.

Songs to Know
Jet - Black Hearts
Amy Meredith - Pornstars
Foxx on Fire - Disintegration
Cassette Kids - Lying Around [The Video]

Song to Love
Miami Horror - Sometimes

Hello, Dawn!

Is that you in there Dawn? What a better way to begin your day with some brand new tracks, hot off the presses and ready for your eager ears! While the following trio may not be our usual cup of tea, we've found these three artists to expand their horizons and explore various musicalities that we think you'll enjoy. Enjoy this abridged and eclectic version of The Listing.

The Listing
Timbaland - Morning After Dark (Feat. SoShy & Nelly Furtado)
Them Crooked Vultures - New Fang
Ke$ha - Tik Tok

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

You Can't Resist It

With hooks and lyrics just as spellbinding as these Heavenly set of eyes, let these tracks work their magic in today's The Listing.

The Listing
Electric Owls - Magic Show
Har Mar Superstar - Sunshine
Sam Roberts - Detroit 67
She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
Q-Tip - Life Is Better (feat. Norah Jones)
Ian Carey Project - Get Shaky