Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not Allowed, We Say!

You'll have to try and not get your groove on after listening to today's Songs to Know and Song to Love! So maybe Madonna was right when she asked "can we get together?" - regardless, these four may just have an answer.

Songs to Know
Grand Ole Party - Look Out Young Son [Opened for Lykke Li - a strong woman sings and plays the drums - some Janis and Karen O. in one]
Muse - Undisclosed Desires [The lyrics are undeniable as is his celebrated voice]
The Rumble Strips - Girls and Boys in Love [A sunny day in London... whether in bed or on the street]

Song to Love
Martin Solveig - Boys & Girls [the melody, the voice, the production - it's why sex was banned from the champagne room to begin with]

1 comment:

JosephGA said...

wait, the song to love - INSANITY! thank you for the find. brazilliant