Friday, October 23, 2009

I Book, You Book, He/She/One

book⋅ish [book-ish]:
(1) pedantic
(2) more acquainted with books than with real life

Let's not kid ourselves. The story and its modern evolutions (see Lying) are apart of the human psyche. Basic, right? It's how one mind communicates emotions, experiences, thoughts, etc. to another, whether fact, fiction, or hypothetical/theoretical suppositions. The story has brought the mankind we know to the present (see The Bible, W.M.D., The Big Bang Theory, Evolution). So let's be thankful for the bookies and bookishness that lurks in the dark aisles of the (sadly) dusty public libraries in our country, and in unison, say one big thank you because their centuries worth of postulations are the ground zero for some kick-ass music that's altogether life-changing.

Now let's take our politically incorrect minds and celebrate the fruits of their labor.

Songs to Know
Charlie Winston - In Your Hands
Revolver - Get Around Town
Rain Machine - Give Blood

Song to Love

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