Friday, October 23, 2009

The Boys Are Back But the Cats Steal the Show

The Pet Shop Boys - they're in the dictionary next to 80's New Wave, below Depeche Mode and to the left of Corey Hart (we kid). Unfortunately, their series of studio releases throughout the 90's and early 00's got lost amid the cotton candy, as was this semi-quiet release of their new album Yes [released Apr 29 2009 in the US]. Here's two of the most solid and and infatuation-worthy songs off of the album in today's Songs to Know.

Forward March! Ms. Bertie Blackman. The Aussie who literally shreds the dance floor and boggles our feeble minds with this sexually charismatic single. One of the better songs of 2009. There. We said it. [FYI: Other songs on the album that are of "noble aspirations" include Heart and Byrds of Prey.]

Songs to Know
Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc.
Pet Shop Boys - All Over The World

Song to Love

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